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NFL Alumni Partners with Mentored
September 13, 2018
NFL Alumni Joins In Celebration of The Iron Men of Homer (La.) 1957 Football Team
August 24, 2018
NFL Alumni Partners with The National Football Cheerleaders Alumni Organization
August 9, 2018
NFL Alumni provides members with valuable resources, connects you with fellow NFL Alumni, and creates opportunities to give back in the community.
Membership includes thousands of retired players, coaches, front office executives, spouses, cheerleaders, and avid fans.
Alumni are offered a diverse package of medical, business, and legal services to help keep them and their families healthy, productive, and connected to the league and their former teammates.

Featured NFL Alumni Events

Healthy Body & Mind Screening Program (Indianapolis, IN)
September 15 - 2018
Waterbury Health Community Golf Classic
October 15 - 2018
NFL Alumni New England Chapter Annual Golf Classic
August 6 - 2018

What Our Members are saying

“Many of my former teammates and I are impressed by the medical benefits and programs like Doctor On Demand, LabCorp and Premier Stem Cell treatments that are available to NFL Alumni members. Many of these benefits also can be used by our families. I also like the way the Alumni Office keeps us updated on what guys are doing now in their post-NFL days."

Erik Coleman (Jets, Falcons, Lions; 2004-2012)
"I am very proud to be Chairman of the Board for the NFL Alumni. There are an estimated 22,000 retired NFL football players, and we at the NFL Alumni strive to provide impactful benefits that will assist each of them in their transition from the game to their personal successes off the field."

Ron Jaworski (Rams, Eagles, Dolphins, Chiefs; 1973-89)
"The charities & organizations we support give hope and encouragement to kids who have limited resources. Our local chapter helps alumni take advantage of available resources from national and provides opportunities for them to serve our local community."

Kurt Knoff (Broncos, Oilers, Vikings; 1976-82)
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A primary mission of NFL Alumni is to inform, assist, and serve players in their post-NFL lives.