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Wellness Challenge

Did yout know? 80%+ of chronic diseases are linked to being overweight: Heart Disease, Diabetes, Stroke etc; 50% of all cancer in under 65 yrs are linked to being overweight; and 40+% of Americans are obese? The Wellness Challenge includes medical in-take and out-take exams. Each Alumni is monitored remotely with a wireless Wellness Telemedicine and the HealthSnap Platform.

NFL Alumni Health

NFL Alumni Health is the coordination of educational resources and programs addressing physical and mental health issues ranging from Covid-19, neurobehavioral issues, cutting edge regenerative medicine, weight management, to clinical research studies supporting better health for our members.

Huddle Up: Let's Talk Obesity

This program aims to educate and inspire our members about obesity and to prompt them to seek help. We provide informational resources, programs, and tools to help individuals achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

NFL Alumni Ventures

NFL Alumni Ventures was launched by the NFL Alumni Association to help generate additional income for Alumni and Partners. NFLAV also partners with Alumni who are looking for support and resources to assist them as they build their businesses. NFLAV is building projects, events and intellectual property that it owns and controls to ensure that all Alumni’s interests are protected.