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Brian Dawkins Continues To Make A Difference In Philadelphia

NFL alum Brian Dawkins has a good deal to be thankful for this Holiday Season.

His on-field accomplishments speak for themselves: a 16-year career (1996-2011) with the Eagles and Broncos; nine Pro Bowl appearances; and a Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinement in 2018.

The Eagles hired him to a top front office position after his playing days but the Florida native soon wanted to accomplish more outside of football. He founded the Brian Dawkins Impact Foundation in 2019 and is making a difference in the Philadelphia community since that time.

“The way I talk, the way I communicate is different these last few years,” Dawkins recently told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “You have to take ownership. The more ownership you take, the more you’ll change the things that need to be changed in order to be what you’re going to be.”

Dawkins’ three seasons (2016-18) in the team’s front office gave him a different perspective on his future career outside football.

“Some of the things that I was doing when I was working for the Eagles were behind the scenes with the players,” says the 49-year-old Dawkins. “Some of the effects I was blessed to have on them…My heart changed, and I decided I wanted to do the same thing outside the team’s building.”

Many young people in the Philadelphia community now are benefitting from that change of heart and Dawkins’ work with his Foundation.

“I couldn’t do it while I was playing because I wanted to concentrate on football,” he explains. “To be honest, having a foundation was not what I saw myself doing but…that’s what the Lord put in my heart to do.”

One of Dawkins’ primary initiatives through his Foundation is the “Single Parent Families Program”. This initiative provides low-income single parents in Philadelphia with grants to support them in accessing further enrichment opportunities for their children.

We at NFL Alumni are pleased to recognize Brian Dawkins for the work he is performing near our South Jersey national office. He is one of thousands of you alumni who are having a positive impact in your local schools and communities, especially during this Holiday Season. We congratulate all of you for your outstanding work!