NFLAV: Working With Our Alumni To Generate Income Together

  • NFL Alumni Ventures was launched by the NFL Alumni Association to help generate additional income for Alumni and Partners.
  • NFLAV also partners with Alumni who are looking for support and resources to assist them as they build their businesses.
  • NFLAV is building projects, events and intellectual property that it owns and controls to ensure that all Alumni’s interests are protected.
  • Alumni will have the opportunity to participate in programs and projects they are interested in, while being compensated for their efforts.
  • NFLAV projects are produced in collaboration with select national corporate partners.
  • All NFLAV corporate partners have mission statements that align with our philosophical belief to do what is in the best interest of every retired NFL Athlete.
  • All of our projects and content are evergreen and will generate recurring revenue streams.
  • The NFL Alumni brand is as powerful as any name in sports, and we will be using our collective resources for the benefit of all NFL Alumni.

For more information, please email: Craig Richardson, Managing Director at