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Building Performance Labs in 32 locations across the country.
In the coming years, find an NFL Alumni Performance Lab close to chapters and NFL teams.

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The NFL Alumni Performance Lab is a first-of-its-kind full-service Concierge Wellness Service with in-person and virtual service options designed for 2025. Its CEO, sports scientist Charles Morris, Ph.D., an industry leader in health data, human performance, and wellness, developed the programs and services.

The Alumni Performance Lab will deliver the most advanced, state-of-the-art human performance and integrated medicine services available, enriching the Alumni members’ lives and the surrounding community of each chapter. By Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing things like Stress, Brain Health, Injury Prevention, Nutrition, and Personal Development. If you played organized sports or the game of life, the Alumni Performance Lab is the MVP of your Health and Wellness.

Brick and mortar “NFLA Performance Labs” is targeted to open across the country in close alignment with the NFLA chapters and NFL teams.

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