There are several NFL organizations that provide benefits to alumni and their families.

In addition to the benefits provided under the collective bargaining agreement, the Alumni Association, Club Owners, NFLPA, The Trust, and the Pro Football Retired Players Association are among those groups that provide many free programs and benefits to most players who have signed an NFL contract over the years.

However, the NFL Player Care Foundation (PCF) remains the primary source of emergency relief for many alumni in need of assistance ranging from unexpected financial debt to funeral expenses for players or their spouses. PCF addresses all aspects of life by helping with medical, emotional, financial, social, and community issues.

The Foundation is administered by a board of eight directors, including representatives from the Alumni Association (Al Smith is our board member), Hall of Fame (Willie Lanier), NFL (Ozzie Newsome) and NFLPA (Andre Collins). There also are four outside directors, including New York-New Jersey Alumni Chapter President Roman Oben.

Since its inception, PCF has assisted more than 2,000 retired NFL players with $20-plus million in emergency financial grants.

If you are having difficulties and wish to learn whether you are eligible for PCF assistance, you should contact PCF staff at 1-800-635-4625 or