NFL Alumnus Blake Moore Making Impact in Financial Business Circles


Charles Follis (left), who attended the College of Wooster in the early 1900s, is recognized as the first African-American pro football player. He signed with the Shelby Blues in 1902 many years before the NFL even was organized.

More recently, another Wooster student-athlete has been making a name for himself in the investment management business.

Blake Moore (above right), who played on the offensive line for six seasons (1980-85) with the Bengals and Packers, earlier this year was named President of North American Asset Management in New York. He already has more than 20 years of experience in financial services and a post-NFL law degree from Harvard University. (See attached link for Moore’s most recent appointment.)

Moore wrote a memoir (“Through a Pigskin Prism: An Unlikely Journey To And Through the NFL”) about his football career. He will tell you there are similarities between pro football and the financial services profession.

“My current career is not a business where mediocrity lasts very long,” says Moore who is a fourth-generation Wooster grad in his family. “It attracts bright, competitive people who are driven to succeed and who have many different perspectives.”

There also are many “bright, competitive” members in the NFL Alumni ranks. You may not all have Harvard law degrees (neither do we) but we are proud of all of you– teachers, salesmen, coaches, CEOs, civil servants, and many other occupations– who have moved on from pro football and now lead successful, productive lives.

Let us at NFL Alumni know how we can assist YOU and your family.

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