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Sanford POWER

Sanford POWER offers sport- and activity-specific training using the latest techniques to develop strength, speed, agility, plyometrics and explosive power.

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Bemer Group

Proper blood flow plays a critical role in our general health, and BEMER can improve circulation naturally in just 8-minute

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Amada Senior Care is committed to being the premier in-home care provider for NFLA members. Amada provides a suite of senior care service, including care coordination, senior housing guidance, and advice on long-term care insurance.

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Virolyze is a water-based suspension and delivery system that is naturally derived from minerals and creates a nanoscopic crystalline barrier

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Clever RX

Welcome to Clever RX, the number one Prescription Discount Card in America. Unlike other discount cards, Clever Rx has built

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NuEnerchi’s goal is to become the premier “go to” product for all current and retired players as well as a broad spectrum of users from many different backgrounds and age groups…..

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Revive MD

Revive MD is committed to bringing patients the most advanced, evidence-based, cutting edge treatment methods to optimize their health and

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Fatheadz Eyewear

Fatheadz Eyewear exclusively caters to clients with heads too large to fit in standard width sunglasses comfortably.  Providing a product

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Life Works

Nestled in the mountains of Montana is a special place where one of the top neuroscience-based teams in the nation

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Spring Loaded Knee Braces

The revolutionary knee braces do more than stabilize or correct alignment of the knee. The bionic knee braces enhance leg muscle power by storing energy as you bend your knee and returning that energy as you straighten your leg.

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Fit Farm

Fit Farm is the nation’s premier retreat that has all the aspects to address your wellness, from HIIT boot camps

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DDP Yoga

Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), WWE Hall of Famer and 3-time world heavyweight champion, is passionate about helping individuals reclaim their health, flexibility and mobility, and we’re excited to have him as an NFL Alumni partner!

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Doctor On Demand

Player Members, Associate Members and their immediate families receive Doctor On Demand at no charge. Doctor On Demand provides internet access to a certified Doctor 24/7/365.

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QualityCare Connect

Find the right specialist when you need one. Your free TopDoc Connect benefit covers you and every member of your family! Gain peace of mind while traveling too! Global Assistance handles forgotten or lost passports or prescriptions with a phone call.

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WellCard Savings

WellCard Savings gives you access to pre-negotiated discounts on prescription drugs and a wide range of health care services. All services are available with no administrative fees.

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NFL Alumni has partnered with Fitbit to help you live a healthier, happier, more active lifestyle. NFL Alumni members are

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Comfort Keepers

Comfort Keepers®, a leading global provider of quality in-home care for adults who need help with daily tasks. 5% discount off the published list price for care and personal care services.

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NFL Alumni Player’s and their families are eligible to receive free and discounted diagnostic testing from LabCorp.

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