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Virolyze is a water-based suspension and delivery system that is naturally derived from minerals and creates a nanoscopic crystalline barrier that kills 99.99% of illness-causing germs on surfaces, cl

NFLA has partnered with American Addiction Centers to provide a lifeline to former players and their families. All NFLA Members are eligible to receive free treatment at AAC’s Desert Hope Treatment

Welcome to Clever RX, the number one Prescription Discount Card in America. Unlike other discount cards, Clever Rx has built the best discount drug product on the planet which works for everyone. &nbs

NuEnerchi’s goal is to become the premier “go to” product for all current and retired players as well as a broad spectrum of users from many different backgrounds and age groups, that are 

Strive is a total care platform redefining the delivery of musculoskeletal care by empowering the patients through mobile software and wearable technology. An end-to-end solution from initial assessme

This collaborative partnership helps to raise awareness of the BioCharger subtle energy platform while offering a premium service to the association’s members, and support for the  NFLA Mi

Revive MD is committed to bringing patients the most advanced, evidence-based, cutting edge treatment methods to optimize their health and wellbeing. Each patient is treated with a personalized approa

Fatheadz Eyewear exclusively caters to clients with heads too large to fit in standard width sunglasses comfortably.  Providing a product line with over-sized sunglasses available in five distinc

Deborah Heart and Lung Center, a New Jersey specialty hospital, is proud to provide members of the NFL Alumni with access to heart, lung and vascular medical services. The hospital is located in

Fulcrum Performance is a culmination of over 20 years of experience and thousands of clients coached by Chuck Morris, Ph.D., a sports scientist, who has a track record of expertise in sports performan

Nestled in the mountains of Montana is a special place where one of the top neuroscience-based teams in the nation is changing lives. Through the use of the LifeWorks 7 Integrated Platforms to Better

BlackMP Living Water is THE Healthy Alternative Beverage, infused with Soil Based Probiotics, Fulvic and Humic Minerals (Obtained in the US, deep within the earth), and Spring Water from the Rocky Mou

The bionic knee braces are equipped with a spring loaded hinge that absorbs energy when you bend your knee, and returns that energy to assist with leg extension. They are the only braces available tha

The Center for the Study of Retired Athletes, established at UNC in 2001, is committed to improving the lives of former professional football players. Through ongoing research and clinical programs, T

Fit Farm is the nation’s premier retreat that has all the aspects to address your wellness, from HIIT boot camps and pure fitness programs to wellness retreats – this is the place to bring back so

As a former athlete who beat up his body over 250 days a year, jumping off turnbuckles, being slammed to the mat by Big Show and Kevin Nash, DDP is no stranger to extreme wear and tear on his body.&nb

Proper blood flow plays a critical role in our general health, and BEMER can improve circulation naturally in just 8-minute sessions twice a day. For more than 20 years, this technology has benefited&

NFL Alumni is proud to partner with Triple Bristle. Members get 20% off all purchases.    

Founded 2012, Amada Senior Care is committed to enriching lives. We provide nurturing, compassionate non-medical in-home care and guide families through the many senior housing options available for a

Lack of access to health care providers in the United States is a massive, growing problem. The average wait time to see a physician is three weeks. We have partnered with Doctor On Demand to pro

ELIGIBILITY: Dentists in your state have volunteered to provide dental care.  They do this for free to eligible applicants. The Network’s Donated Dental Services (DDS) program makes available free

  We connect you to the right doctor. Unfortunately, most Americans will get a diagnosis that is wrong or late at least once in their lives. You can avoid becoming a part of thi

American Hearing Benefits (AHB) is a discount program from Starkey Hearing Technologies, the only major American owned and operated hearing aid manufacturer. As most insurance plans don’t cover hear

We know that healthcare is expensive, and WellCard Savings is here to provide you access to savings without access fees. As a valued member of the NFL Alumni Association, you and your family have acc

You are invited to participate in the 90-Day Qurr Challenge. MYOS RENS Technology Inc. has done extensive research on improving muscle health.  In a double blind, placebo-controlled human clinical s

Alumni members will have access to a coupon code to purchase Brain Armor’s range of clinically proven dietary supplements formulated with Omega-3’s, healthy fats and vital nutrients to sup

NFL Alumni members, families and friends can now receive discounted membership rates at all LA Fitness locations around the country! OPTION 1: MULTI-STATE, MULTI-CLUB ACCESS [EXCLUDES NY AND SIGNATUR

The NFL Alumni and Pro Support Systems recognize the toll of intense athletics on the body. A specific goal with the NFL Alumni association is to provide you with avenues to achieve a comfortable and

NFL Alumni has partnered with Fitbit to help you live a healthier, happier, more active lifestyle. NFL Alumni members are eligible for up to 20% off all Fitbit trackers. To access your NFL Alumn

COMFORT KEEPERS® For more than two decades, Comfort Keepers® has been Elevating the Human SpiritSM through its in-home care network for seniors and other adults by empowering them to maintain their

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® and the National Football League Alumni Association have built a new partnership to raise awareness among NFL Alumni, and fans around the country about screening,

All members receive a free first visit to any location and receive future treatments at a discounted rate. At a minimum, each first-time treatment will include – chamber, localized treatment, an

NFL Alumni Player Members who do not currently have health insurance  are eligible to receive over 500 medical tests and lab work at little or no cost thanks to our relationship with LabCorp. Wit

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