In our efforts to support community-based organizations and initiatives, we have created many partnerships across the country to support charities that serve children and families.  

Funds raised are used to support their programs that touch the lives of many children and families in need.  That work varies in scope but all are aimed at helping our communities thrive.

None of this is possible without the power of the individual donor.  There is power in a community united, a sense of “oneness” that joins people together.

Your support can make an impact!

Neighborhood Bridges

Established in 2017, Neighborhood Bridges addresses the growing poverty in suburban and rural America. Since its inception, the organization has served more than 235,000 students and families through over $4.4 million in giving. Headquartered in Westerville, Ohio, and operates its “Gateway for Kindness” in over 38 communities throughout Ohio and Alabama.

Supported by the Central Ohio Chapter

Alzheimer’s Association

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s is the world’s largest event to fight Alzheimer’s.  Several NFL Alumni Chapter volunteers participate each year.  Join now and help raise awareness and funds for care, support and research.

Supported by the Philadelphia & Carolinas Chapters

Johnathan Ogden Foundaton, Inc.

The Jonathan Ogden Foundation, Inc. assists young people from disadvantaged communities in developing self-esteem through athletics and education. The foundation’s initiatives include SAT and college preparation, academic enrichment, leadership training, summer camp, athletic camps, and college visits.

Supported by the Baltimore Chapter

Lifebridge Foundation

The West Baltimore Renaissance Foundation (WBFR) provides strategic investments to improve the quality of life in the West Baltimore community. The Foundation’s key focus areas are population health, food insecurity, workforce development, and mentoring.

Supported by the Baltimore Chapter

Leaders In Training

Leaders In Training (LIT) empowers first-generation college graduates from diverse backgrounds to become the next generation of leaders who end systemic and structural inequities. LIT’s assets-based approach makes certain they work with students and families collectively with the community and not with the community.

Supported by the Las Vegas Chapter

Core Powered by the Rogers Foundation

Core’s mission centers around the belief that the most way to guarantee economic mobility and equity is to invest in children and their families over a long-term period and with a holistic approach. Core builds relationships in a way that empowers their voice, honors their values, and celebrates their strengths.

Supported by the Las Vegas Chapter

Making a Better Me

Making a Better, Me is dedicated to uplifting, empowering, and building self-esteem in our youth through mentoring, sports, education, and volunteerism. The organization’s programs include a summer reading program and coding camp.

Supported by the Georgia Chapter

Unsilenced Voices

Unsilenced Voices’ vision is to inspire change in communities, nationally and internationally, by
encouraging victims to break free and survivors to speak up about domestic violence and sexual defilement. The organization works in the United States, Amsterdam, Ghana, Rwanda, and other countries.

Supported by the Las Vegas Chapter

The Public Education Foundation

For more than 30 years, the Public Education Foundation (PEF) has brought the community together to support Clark County public schools while meeting the critical education needs of students, families, and educators. The vision of PEF is that of a unified community to ensure every public student in Clark County can succeed.

Supported by the Las Vegas Chapter

Volunteer & Support for Local Food Banks

Through our chapter networks we provide support for local food bank.  Many families began to suffer from food insecurity and those who were already having a tough time keeping healthy foods on the table, were struggling even more during the pandemic.  Food banks across the country were strained with increased needs.

Player Care Foundation - Logo image


The Player Care Foundation (PCF) is an independent organization dedicated to helping retired players improve their quality of life. PCF addresses all aspects of life by providing programs and assistance with medical, emotional, financial, social and community issues.