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NFL Alum Tim Moresco Has Been Solving Problems For Many Years

One of the highest compliments all of us can receive in life is being labeled a “problem solver”. It was true when we were on the field and equally true in our jobs now during our post-playing days.

Jets alumnus Tim Moresco considers himself a problem solver in his current role as senior vice president at Cresa Atlanta, an international corporate real estate agency in Cobb County, Georgia.

“I like to think I help companies solve their problems with respect to real estate, relocation, expansion and issues of that nature,” Moresco explains. “It’s really satisfying when a company has a problem or has to make a decision and you end up helping them out. My company exclusively represents office and industrial tenants. We believe in bringing information to the table that helps them make wise decisions.”

Moresco was born and raised in upstate New York and played at Syracuse in the 1970s. He was drafted by the Packers in 1977 but only stayed in Green Bay for one season. He was a late training camp cut in 1978 and the Jets signed him midway through that season. He played three years in New York as a special teamer and backup safety before retiring in 1981.

“After I was let go by the Packers,” Moresco recently told Jim Gehman of, “I wondered if I was going to get the chance to play again. Having the Jets ask me to join the team was a big day. When I look back, we didn’t have the greatest seasons but just being on the team was a lifelong dream. As a teenager, I was always hoping I’d get a chance to play in the league. The whole experience was the best thing in the world for me.”

Moresco and his wife Donna live in Norcross (GA). He remains as upbeat about his current position, and he is about his four-year NFL career.

“I enjoy the work I do helping others and have been doing it for a lot of years,” says Moresco. “You meet interesting people and interesting businesses in my job. It’s just fascinating how some people make money and the different things they do and the services they provide. It’s been a fun job for me.”

We at NFL Alumni congratulate Tim Moresco on his business career. He is another example of the success stories that you hard-working alumni have created for yourselves after your playing days.