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Patriots Super Bowl Alum Jermaine Wiggins Now is Rookie High School Head Coach

Although he is a Brooklyn (NY) native, Patriots alum Jermaine Wiggins grew up in East Boston (MA) and attended Boston East High School.

Wiggins, 48, returned to Massachusetts when his eight-year NFL playing career ended and has been a well-known sports broadcast personality in the area for many years.

He took on additional responsibilities last week when he held his first practice as the new head coach at Brockton (MA) High School. Wiggins was named earlier this year to succeed a father-son tandem who held the head coaching title for 53 years at the school.

“Based on the reactions of the players and others in the community, we’re excited about Jermaine being here,” Brockton athletic director Kevin Karo recently said. “We’re ready to begin a new chapter of Brockton football. There’s a great legacy that Jermaine’s following, but I’m excited for him to create his own legacy here. We’re going to give him all the tools he needs to be successful.”

Wiggins plans to continue his local on-air radio work as he takes on his new coaching challenge.

“To me, being on the radio is not a job,” explains Wiggins, who earned a Super Bowl XXXVI ring while playing tight end with the Patriots. “My schedule is not going to change. Coaching football and mentoring young athletes is something I’m passionate about. I look at this as being an awesome experience. I want to be able to give back. I want to make sure I’m helping, whether it’s 1, 10, or 50 young kids accomplish their goals.”

Wiggins understands the Brockton High coaching legacy that was part of the school’s football program for more than a half-century.

“As I tell our athletes here,” says Wiggins, “to come from a great legacy is one thing, but now you must create your own legacy. That’s what I intend to do. My goal is to give every athlete who steps on the field skills and tools that are important to life.  I want to see them grow into young successful athletes.”

Wiggins, the father of two college players at the University of Massachusetts, was an undrafted rookie when he signed with the Jets in 1999. He later played with the Patriots, Panthers, Colts, and Vikings before returning to his familiar Boston friends and family.

We at NFL Alumni are rooting for Jermaine Wiggins to build his own legacy at Brockton High. We wish him only success while he balances his broadcast and coaching responsibilities.