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DDP Yoga

As a former athlete who beat up his body over 250 days a year, jumping off turnbuckles, being slammed to the mat by Big Show and Kevin Nash, DDP is no stranger to extreme wear and tear on his body. Because he started his wrestling career at the age of 35, he always had to find ways to keep himself healthier than his younger peers, so he developed his own fitness program, DDPY — which not only saved his wrestling career after a severe back injury, but has changed many others’ lives. Today at 62 years young, he can do things that many 20 and 30-year olds can’t do. Watch the compelling story of how DDPY is changing lives, by visiting

SIGNING UP FOR THE DDP YOGA NOW App (no cost): We are extremely excited to partner with DDP and his team at the DDP YOGA Performance Center in Smyrna Georgia, as well as give NFLA members full access to the DDPY workouts at no cost. To sign up for the DDP YOGA NOW App under the NFLA Organization, follow this link 1) Visit 2) Use the passcode “sweetness34” 3) Install the DDP YOGA NOW App on your mobile device (iOS and Android only) There are additional opportunities for NFLA members to consult with and train with DDP one-on-one or in groups, and for those interested please let us know so we can make it happen.

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