Ultimate Health Access Page

Superior benefits. High-end coverage. Tax efficiency.

It’s all possible with Ultimate Health.

Switch your personal healthcare spend over to a business expense with Ultimate Health. The plan comes with conveniences that cater to busy lifestyles with a swipe-and-go Prescription Visa® Card, fast reimbursement, direct deposit and online claims filing.

Because it’s not restricted by ACA, you can offer this plan to just yourself and select employees in order to:

  • End your frustrations with your primary health plan’s limitations. Get annual coverage up to $100,000 for all types of medical, dental, vision and prescription expenses—even items not covered by your primary plan.
  • Gain a tax efficient reward: Since Ultimate Health is fully insured and supplemental, the premiums may be tax deductible to the company and the benefits received may be non-taxable to the member.*
  • Boost Health Support: Included in Ultimate Health is an Executive Physical Program, fully paid medical air evacuation and other travel support services.

Ultimate Health FAQs

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