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IntellicardUSA and the NFL Alumni have partnered to deliver the most state-of-the-art tool to help people connect easier, faster and better. Our partnership will help people exchange info, Market themselves and further their brands like never before by giving people access to all of their important information at the touch of a button and at the same time helping save our environment by not having to use paper products for business cards or marketing efforts. Nearly 4 Billion Trees are cut down each year for paper 93% of paper comes from trees not recycled paper. There are 10 Billion paper cards printed each year with 88% of them ending up lost, in a pile or in the trash. With our IntellicardUSA Intelligent card this will never happen because your card will always be saved on someone’s wireless device.

IntellicardUSA will assist the NFLA and its members, charities and partners by giving them access to this technology and help the NFLA grow its endeavors (memberships etc.) by reaching people at the touch of a button.

Steve Poznanski, CEO and Founder of IntellicardUSA “I have never been more excited about a partnership that will allow me to help not only the NFLA and its members but, its partners and charities as well. “

Lee Woodall, President Philadelphia Chapter of NFLA says “Many people have said that your brand should always speak for you even when people don’t see you. IntellicardUSA accomplishes that. If you see my card, you see me. It’s the card, The Brand, It’s me. IntellicardUSA is the vision of the future in the palm of your hands, with one click you’ll remember my brand!

Watch the first of many videos here:

IntellicardUSA is also a proud supporter of the NFLA where $25 of every sale made through the NFLA will be donated to the NFLA and its charities!

IntellicardUSA and the NFLA helping people connect easier, faster and better allowing you to work smarter not harder. IntellicardUSA and the NFLA Together making the world greener 1 card at a time.

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