NFL Alumni Teams Up with Fit Farm Tennessee

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MOUNT LAUREL, N.J., May 29, 2019 – NFL Alumni (NFLA) has teamed up with the nation’s premier wellness & fitness live-in retreat, Fit Farm, located in the rolling hills of Music City just outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

Alumni will have inclusive access to the 160-acre farm-turned-retreat that has come to be known as the nation’s adult playground. Fit Farm offers 13 zones of wellness and fitness activities, including the country’s first and only permanent obstacle course with lodging. Fit Farm is a perfect location for alumni to visit for wellness, fitness, and strengthening, as well as to reset. Members can experience soothing spa activities one day and high-level boot camp action the next. 

“Here at Fit Farm, we exist to help bring out the inner warrior in all our guests. The NFL Alumni partnership is the perfect combination; they have the warriors and we have the program to ignite, maintain, and create a long term strategy for its membership roster,” said Fit Farm Founder Kris Intress. “Sometimes, all we need is a new vantage point when writing the next chapter of our lives. We created an adult playground to remind us that fun, hard work, and balance are the foundation to a healthy future. Fit Farm creates a personalized plan for each guest; through testing, education, nutrition and fitness, we approach balance from the inside out. We have created a distraction-free, all-inclusive safe haven to ensure each client achieves his goals. Whether a member wants to bulk-up, re-strengthen, trim-down, or simply feel the adrenaline of life again, we can help. Together, we can enrich and keep healthy a group of people who have given to all of us through their hard work and dedication to the game.”

“This partnership supports our mission of bettering the quality of life and renewing the lifestyles of former athletes,” said NFLA CEO Beasley Reece. “Fit Farm brings an exciting new evolution to our health and fitness journey by providing wellness retreats for our former players which will allow them to stay engaged and unite as one. By partnering with Fit Farm, we create another avenue for members to live productive and healthier lives.”  

About NFL Alumni
NFL Alumni, a non-profit organization founded in 1967, is comprised of former NFL players, coaches, staffers, cheerleaders, spouses, and associate members whose mission is to serve, assist and inform former players and their families. The Alumni offers a variety of medical, financial, and social programs to help members lead healthy, productive and connected lives, as well as community initiatives under its “Caring for Kids” programs. Pro Football Legends is the commercial marketing arm of the NFL Alumni. For more information, please visit

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