Heart Ridge Farms

The goal of Heart Ridge Farms is to produce a product that retains the natural flavor and goodness of the perfectly nutritious almond. We are hands-on throughout to the entire process – from our relationships with growers to preparation of the almonds for you and your family to enjoy.

Heart Ridge Farms is currently sold in over 200 stores across the country, as well as being available online. Heart Ridge Farms offers almonds in 16 flavors from Whole Natural Dry Roasted, Sriracha Garden, Habanero Barbeque, Maple Hickory, and a wide variety in between. Heart Ridge Farms’ goal was to create a diverse blend to complement the already tasty nut without overpowering it.  These flavors are blended from high-quality seasonings that are MSG-free, low-sodium, and vegetarian (with the exception of Buffalo White Cheddar and Spicy Nacho).

The team at Heart Ridge Farms has designed a one-of-a-kind European dry roast process that preserves the naturally savory taste almonds possess, without frying them in unnecessary oils. They take great pride in processing the almonds to preserve the integrity of this healthy, wholesome snack. With their proprietary roasting process, Heart Ridge Farms is able to dry roast the almonds under optimum conditions for every batch. Using just enough safflower oil to adhere the seasoning blends, their almonds are always nourishing and flavorful.

To purchase Heart Ridge Almonds, visit www.heartridgefarms.com.