Proper blood flow plays a critical role in our general health, and BEMER can improve circulation naturally in just 8-minute sessions twice a day. For more than 20 years, this technology has benefited millions of people around the world, including top-level professional athletes. BEMER is an FDA registered consumer medical device that’s easy-to-use, non-invasive and can improve microcirculatory blood flow by up to 30%, resulting in optimized health, performance and recovery.

Deborah Heart & Lung Center

Deborah Heart and Lung Center, a New Jersey specialty hospital, is proud to provide members of the NFL Alumni with access to heart, lung and vascular medical services. The hospital is located in New Jersey, about 30 miles east of Philadelphia, PA.   Deborah Heart and Lung Center offers leading edge surgical techniques and non-surgical alternatives for diagnosing and treating all forms of cardiac, vascular and pulmonary diseases in adults, congenital and acquired heart defects in adults and children.   According to the NFL, football retirees over 50 years old have a 13.5% rate of coronary heart disease, 46% rate of high blood pressure and a 44% rate of high cholesterol. As well these former players exceed the national averages for poor leg circulation and other heart conditions.  A high percentage of NFL Alumni members also suffer from sleep apnea, asthma and diabetes.

Player Networking Event

The NFL Alumni (NFLA) endeavors to support active and former NFL players with post-football career and business opportunities and has partnered with the Player Networking Event (PNE) to support this aim. NFLA and PNE provide active and former players a platform to promote their business interests Super Bowl weekend and align with various football-related brand marketing strategies year-around.

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Restore Cryotherapy

Will provide card carrying NFL Alumni Austin members:

  • First visit and cryo service w/ consult with nurse is complimentary
  • Restore Membership Plan – $59
  • Three (3) services free (WBC, Facial, Local, Compression, IR Sauna, 30′ Stretch)
  • Unused services roll over to next month
  • Additional cryotherapy/sauna services $20
  • Use of any center nationwide at $20 drop in rate for all cryotherapy services (Includes WBC, Facial, Local, Compression, IR Sauna)
  • No transfer fees
  • Guest rate (when accompanied by NFL Alumni Member) of $25 for all cryotherapy services
  • 40% Discount on all other services (IV Drip, HBOT, Cryoskin, Stretch Base)
  • Restore will give $100 in free service credit to any new member that pays NFLA chapter dues

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Premier Regenerative Stem Cell and Wellness Centers is one of the leading research and treatment facilities in Colorado providing innovative techniques and therapies using the natural healing power of the body’s stem cells.

Donald S Bicking & Associates and Integrated Wealth Services

Donald S Bicking & Associates and Integrated Wealth Strategies have teamed up to offer former NFL players a platform for tax preparation as well as providing a source for business consulting, advance tax planning services, and charitable planning. 

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Amada Senior Care is committed to enriching lives. We provide nurturing, compassionate non-medical in-home care and guide families through the many senior housing options available for assisted living. We also offer expertise in handling long-term care insurance claims and certain forms of government aid, including Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits. Headquartered in San Clemente, Calif., Amada was founded in 2007, and is currently assembling an elite team of franchise partners to expand our business on the national level. For more information, visit


With services that include post-hospital care, rehabilitation, assisted living, long-term care and a variety of clinical specialty programs, CareOne offers compassionate care in gracious, professionally managed centers and communities. CareOne serves thousands of patients every day and admits and discharges more than 20,000 patients every year. With more than 65 centers in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Virginia, CareOne’s outstanding programs and services are conveniently located throughout the state. Interested parties can engage with CareOne on social media by following @CareOneMgt on Twitter, @careonemgt on Instagram, and CareOne Management, LLC on Facebook and LinkedIn. For more information about CareOne, please visit


The NFL Alumni Association is pleased to announce that PikMobile®, the popular photo sharing and storytelling app, is the official social media app of the NFL Alumni.

All NFL Alumni charity events can enjoy the freedom of using the PikMobile App for the iPhone to upload photos and videos as the action unfolds, adding to the NFL Alumni story throughout the event. Charity event participants can immediately view and share across social media the experience they are having with Pro Football Legends.


About PikMobile, Inc.

PikMobile has been designed for photographers of all levels, from enthusiasts to professionals, who are frustrated by limits imposed by other mobile photo sharing solutions. The PikMobile App offers creative ways to tell the whole visual story in the moment or over time. Don’t Just Post. Tell Your Story. For more information, visit:

NFL Player Care Foundation

The NFL Alumni Association and the NFL Player Care Foundation (PCF) are proud to partner with one of the nation’s premier medical providers ‐ Tulane University School of Medicine ‐ to conduct its Healthy Body & Mind Screening program.


HARMAN designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of infotainment and audio solutions for the automotive, consumer and professional markets. It is a recognized world leader across its customer segments with premium brands.


LabCorp provides leading-edge medical laboratory tests and services through a national network of primary clinical laboratories and specialty testing laboratories.