NFLA Members Find a New Way to Win Through Franchising

Sidney Rice and Jumbo Elliott Franchising

This Saturday, President Bart Oates will represent the NFLA at the International Franchise Expo at New York City’s Javits Center. These seasoned business professional will lead a panel discussion entitled ‘The Franchising Playbook’. The session will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn about the parallels of professional sports and franchising.

Pursuing franchising opportunities pre- and post-retirement is certainly not new to NFLA members. Many players, coaches, cheerleaders, and front-office staff throughout the years have found franchising to be a great way to transition out of their professional career and stay connected to the cities and fans that supported them during their playing days.

Below is a brief profile of two NFLA members who have found success in owning a franchise.

John “Jumbo” Elliott

Following a successful career with the Giants and the Jets, Jumbo purchased several Dunkin’ Donuts stores in New York in 2004, and he still owns and operates them today. The coffee giant remains one of the fastest growing franchises out there with over 11,300 locations worldwide.

Sidney Rice

Prior to the conclusion of his seven-years in the League, Sidney started investing his earnings in multiple Fresh Healthy Vending (VEND) machines in South Carolina. He also invested in seven Wingstop restaurants in the Seattle area. His most recent investment has been in Seattle’s Drip City Coffee Company.

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