Two Louisville Police Officers Have NFL Experience

Former Pro Bowl center and current NFL Alumni President Bart Oates will tell you that offensive linemen have their own fraternity and stay together long after their football careers end.  

One example of that camaraderie exists in Louisville, Kentucky where former Browns (2006-08) tackle Isaac Sowells and one-time Giants (2004) tackle Jason Hilliard work closely together… as officers in the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department.  

They joined the department separately and only met in the Police Academy in 2012. Sowell is a Louisville native while Hilliard played his college ball at the University of Louisville. They both were criminal justice majors in college.  

Despite their offensive linemen size, they believe that communication– not intimidation– is the key to good community police work.  

“A lot of what we do depends on help from our community,” says Hilliard, who helped his Giants beat the Cowboys on national television in the 2004 season finale. “We don’t use our size and stature to police. We open our mouths and we talk and that’s how we police That’s one thing both of us have going for us.”  

Another similarity is that both men want to make police work their longtime career. Sowells is aiming to be a sergeant while Hilliard is focusing on becoming a detective in the near future.  

At a time when several active players are working with the League to resolve differences between community residents and local police, our NFL Alumni colleagues Isaac Sowells and Jason Hilliard can relate to both sides of that relationship.  

We salute these two men and all you Alumni members who give back to your towns while working in public service jobs on a daily basis.   (For more background on Police Officers Hilliard and Sowells, click here.)

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