Trent Dilfer Knows Meaning of NFL Family

Trent Dilford

Former Super Bowl-winning quarterback and ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer was named head football coach at Lipscomb Academy in Nashville last month.

Dilfer, 46, was living in Texas at the time but his former Seahawks teammate Matt Hasselbeck recommended him to the school when an opening occurred late last year.

It was not the first time that Hasselbeck, the son of NFL alumnus Don Hasselbeck and brother of retired NFL QB Tim, impacted Dilfer and his family.

Dilfer and his wife Cassandra lost their only son, five-year-old Trevin, to a fatal virus in April 2003.

A devastated Dilfer spent the next few months contemplating retirement and not taking good care of himself. Hasselbeck, who was competing for the same starting quarterback job as Dilfer at the time, called him in early summer and told Dilfer the Seahawks needed him and that he should get into training camp.  

Dilfer reported to camp but still was miserable. Hasselbeck spent countless nights with his teammate talking and having video game marathons in their dorm room that often became all-night sessions.   

“You’ve got to put that into context,” Dilfer recalls. “This was Matt’s chance to be the starter. He should have been getting plenty of rest. He should be watching film. I can think of 100 things he should be doing besides spending all that time at night with me.”

We at NFL Alumni often discuss brotherhood and ‘Caring for Our Own’. This Dilfer-Hasselbeck relationship is just one more example of the human bonds that are formed through our great sport. (For more details on Trent Dilfer’s personal and professional journey, click here.)

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