Teams made a record number of moves yesterday at the trading deadline as they either were planning for their playoff push or stock-piling picks for upcoming Drafts.

The NFL trading deadline is widely anticipated each season by the media and fans but it rarely results in as much player movement as yesterday.

Major trade deadline deals over the years included the Rams moving veteran winning quarterback John Hadl to the Packers in 1974 for five draft selections.

You also may recall the much-publicized three-way transaction in 1987 when Rams RB Eric Dickerson was dealt to Indianapolis, LB Cornelius Bennett went from the Colts to the Bills and RB Greg Bell moved across the country from Buffalo to Los Angeles.

Finally, in a trade that many believe helped create the Cowboys’ dynasty of the 1990s, the Vikings in 1989 at the deadline gave up eight draft picks to Dallas and acquired (future politician) Herschel Walker.

The flurry of trades in recent days may have lacked the national attention given to the Dickerson and Walker moves but Pro Bowlers such as LB Bradley Chubb, TE T.J. Hockenson and DE Robert Quinn did change uniforms.

The Broncos sent Chubb and a draft choice to the Dolphins for RB Chase Edmonds and two high picks. Hockenson was involved in a rare intra-NFC North trade that had him move from the Lions to the Vikings for picks. Quinn was traded in anticipation of the deadline a few days ago from the Bears to the undefeated Eagles for a draft choice.

We always remember that switching teams and cities in the middle of the season is never easy on players and their families. However, in this free agency era, the moves are not quite as shocking as they were back when many of us were playing.

We at NFL Alumni hope that all the transfers this week work out for everyone, especially the involved players.