The focus of NFL fans early next month will be on Canton and the 19 new Hall of Famers who will be enshrined there on August 7-8.

However, football fans later this year will have the opportunity to focus on a feature-length movie about the life of an NFL alumnus who already is in the Hall of Fame: quarterback Kurt Warner.

The official release date of “American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story” just was announced for  December 10.  The biographical film was produced in cooperation with the Hall of Fame and will be distributed by Lionsgate Films,  which has had such blockbuster movies over the years as “The Hunger Games” and “La La Land”.

All of us who know the Kurt Warner story realize there is a good deal of “la-la land” in his rise from a grocery store clerk and the  Arena League to a Super Bowl  XXXIV MVP Award and his bust in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

“I’ve has so many people tell me ‘Your story is made for Hollywood, it’s made for the big screen,’ ” says  Warner, who played at the University of Northern Iowa and then in NFL Europe before Rams Coach Dick Vermeil gave him a roster spot in 1998.

The production of the Warner biopic -like most full-length movies- was delayed in 2020 due to the pandemic but filming was completed earlier this year in Atlanta and Oklahoma City.

“People over the years tell me they have been inspired and encouraged because of my story,” says the 50-year old Warner.  “I think that is what is so cool.  Everyone has their challenges, their struggles as they’re trying to chase their dreams.  My story encourages people that you can get there.”

We at NFL Alumni look forward to this winter holiday season when we can see the life story of one of our leading members on the Silver Screen. Congrats, Kurt!