The DDPY Difference: Jerry Ostroski

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Did you know that Members of the NFL Alumni recieve FULL access to DDPY workouts at no cost?

Former Bills (1993-2001) Guard Jerry Ostroski has experienced the DDPY Difference first hand! 

The DDPY program has been a life changer for me. It has allowed me to reach levels in my health and fitness that I thought were no longer possible.  DDPY has allowed me to train at a high level without any impact on my body or joints. I am able to get the same elevated heart rate as I would normally get through exercise without any of the damaging impact on my body.  DDPY has opened my eyes and has taught me how to heal my body through proper nutrition and exercise.  Every plan I had started in the past always went the same way. Highly restrictive diet and high impact exercise lead to burn out and injury.  Since following the DDPY program I have retrained my mind and body to where I have lost almost 70lbs in 4 months.  While the DDPY program is phenomenal, the secret ingredient to it is Dallas himself.  I have never known anyone like him.  His positive attitude is infectious and he genuinely cares for the people doing his program.  If you want or need help all you have to do is ask like I did!!!!  Dallas and DDPY has completely changed my outlook on the later years of my life.

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