Earl Campbell, Joe Greene, and other Texas natives who played high school ball in their home state can retain braggin’ rights for at least one more year.

The state of Texas produced the most 2022 draftees who attended high school there in cities and rural towns from Tyler to Trans-Pecos.

During the last five Drafts (2018-22), Texas has had 152 high school players selected, which is the highest number ahead of runner-up Florida (150) and California (112). Lastly, Texas is the only state that has had more than 30 high school players drafted in each of the last three Drafts.

However, enough about the Lone Star State.

Overall, there were 247 high schools around the country that had at least one player’s name called during last month’s Draft. Thirty-eight states had at least one of the 262 players who were picked.

“The players selected in this year’s Draft represented hundreds of high schools throughout the country,” says New York-New Jersey Alumni Chapter President Roman Oben. “As we continue to grow our sport, more and more players will come from all around the world. Football is a great game that instills character, confidence, and resilience in its young players.”

Las Vegas was a terrific setting for the 2022 selection meeting and the Draft Caravan moves to Kansas City for an encore in  April, 2023. The pre-Draft buzz for next year’s event began about 15 minutes ago!