All the familiar faces were back in Indianapolis last Sunday for another Colts Ring of Honor ceremony…Jeff Saturday, Edgerrin James, Marvin Harrison, Bill Brooks and, of course, Peyton Manning! They all do not return every year for the event, but they did this time in honor of their close friend and newest inductee…Pro Bowler Tarik Glenn.

A 10-year veteran (1997-2006), Glenn spent his entire career with the Colts. He was the steady left tackle who always was there to open holes for Edge and protect Peyton’s blind side. Glenn’s final– and most important– NFL start was Super Bowl XLI when the Colts rushed for 191 yards and defeated the Bears 29-17. Glenn retired from the league– on top with a ring– after that performance.

“One of my fondest memories,” Glenn said last week before the Ring of Honor ceremony, “was winning that Super Bowl for our fans and seeing how the entire city was shut down afterward. Unlike many teams where players returned home to Florida or Texas or California after the season, the majority of our guys lived in Indianapolis year-round and became a part of the community. I pretty much raised my family in Indy.”

In addition to raising his family there, Glenn and his wife Maya founded the DREAM Alive non-profit in Indianapolis in 2001. He was still a young player but mature enough to dream about how to use his football platform to raise the next generation of leaders. Originally, the focus was on helping community centers in needy areas. However, the non-profit organization later refocused and the Glenn’s began mentoring students in grades 7-12 in Indianapolis Public Schools. DREAM Alive now provides students with three key opportunities: 1. Career-Focused Experiential Learning; 2. Mentoring Relationships; and 3. Character Development.

“Maya and I never owned DREAM Alive,” says Glenn, who now is the group’s President Emeritus. “I was the face of the organization for many years and raised money for it. We also have donated money to it. However, DREAM Alive belongs to the community. That’s the way we want to keep it. We have a board formed of individuals who are Indianapolis natives, who love this city and who want to see the city become better.”

We at NFL Alumni congratulate Tarik Glenn on his well-deserved Ring of Honor recognition. We also salute Maya and Tarik for their continuing positive impact on the youth of Indianapolis. They are like so many of you alumni who worked hard to improve your NFL cities for many years even after you retired. We salute all of you!