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Hall of Fame defensive end Michael Strahan and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady have teamed up for a new TV series, Religion of Sports. The new series is a six-episode docuseries for DIRECTV that examines the cultural and spiritual impact sports has around the world.

Religion of Sports will air Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2016 at 8 PM on Audience Network. Both Strahan and Brady will serve as executive producers for this unique project.

In an exclusive interview with Pro Football Talk, Strahan and Brady shared their personal stories of how this new business venture will impact humanity through the world of sports.

“Sports can be that void that brings everyone together regardless of any barriers socio-economic standing, race, and religion,” said Strahan. “To be a part of this project, Religion of Sports, brings full circle the things that I have learned as a child without even knowing that in some ways, I was having a religious experience. Religion of Sports will be the bridge that connects the passion of religion with the passion of sports.”

“I can think of no better vehicle than Religion of Sports to share some of what I’ve learned and dig a little deeper into that feeling, the sort of spiritual experience that sports creates for players and fans alike,” concluded Brady.

Strahan and Brady last met on the gridiron during Super XLII, where the New York Giants pulled off one of the biggest upsets in the history of sports against Brady’s Patriots. Strahan took his final curtain call in the NFL after the game and Brady continues to be on the best signal-callers in the game. But on Tuesday, the two join forces to help bridge the gap of society through the lens and values of the game.

The first season is due to examine, among other things, NASCAR events, the Calgary Stampede and the dominance of the UFC.

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