NFL alum Shawn Barber is Vice President of Business Development at the McInnes Group in Prairie Village, Kansas.

That’s one facet of Barber’s post-NFL life, but hardly the entire story.

Barber, who played 10 years (1998-2007)  in the league with five different teams, also is president of the Kansas City Chiefs Ambassadors organization. The Ambassadors are former Chiefs—most of whom live in the area—who volunteer and serve their local Kansas City community that supported them during their playing days. Many of the same retired players also are members of the local NFL Alumni chapter in Kansas City.

“Through our service, I see what a difference it makes,” says the 47-year old Barber who played linebacker with the Chiefs from 2003-05.  “When we go read books to kids at schools or make military tours, you see how much folks appreciate you.  In all of these experiences, you see the joy in volunteering and what a difference service makes. It’s important for me to serve.”

The requirements to become an Ambassador are that you played a minimum of three years with the Chiefs and go through an internship before becoming a full-fledged member of the non-profit group. The Ambassadors meet monthly but are out in the community every week representing the Chiefs and assisting charitable causes.

Barber, who grew up in Virginia, played his college ball at the  University of Richmond. His parents both were school teachers and that obviously had a positive impact on Barber’s current activities.

“I saw my mom volunteer to teach summer school and provide after-school help,” Barber recalls.  “She gave back beyond her job. To see her do that was a great example for me. When I started to play in the NFL, there was always the opportunity to give back to the community regardless of my team.”

Barber’s leadership and willing to help has had a huge on many former teammates.

“Shawn is one of the most caring, genuine people I know,” says former Chiefs teammate and fellow Virginia native Billy Bober. “He’s one of the best at being a friend and community leader. He volunteers for everything he can. The fingerprints he will leave after his two years as Ambassadors president will go beyond his term.

Barber and his wife Nicole have six children.

“In my overall parenting,” Barber explains, “I use my volunteer efforts to create an image for my sons and daughter to emulate. That’s what it takes to be a good man or woman, a good friend.  It’s showing them by my actions.”

We at NFL Alumni wish Shawn Barber much success in his career with the McInnes Group, a healthcare benefits insurance firm. We also appreciate the dedication that he and the Ambassadors are showing in the Kansas City area.  It is that type of leadership that is consistent with our Alumni mission of Caring for Kids and Caring for Community.