The timing of the announcement may have been coincidental but the NFL league office this week disclosed that applications for the 2022 Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship and the Nunn-Wooten Scouting Fellowship will open early next year.

This notice was distributed in the same week that head coaching changes were made at Notre Dame, LSU, USC and several other colleges which already have produced a significant ripple effect in the coaching fraternity.

If you as an NFL alum are interested in coaching or scouting on the collegiate or NFL level, one of your first steps should be to investigate and apply for these two fellowships in March when the enrollment process begins.

More than 120 individuals participated in the Walsh Coaching Fellowship and 25 aspiring scouts were involved in the Nunn-Wooten Fellowship earlier this season. Those totals include 32 player alumni who were Walsh Fellows and 9 alumni who participated in the Nunn-Wooten program. There are 58 Walsh Fellows from the last five years currently coaching in the NFL and many others in the collegiate coaching ranks.

Washington Football Team head coach (and nine-year NFL linebacker) Ron Rivera is a huge supporter of both these programs.

“These fellowships give deserving men and women the opportunity to get their foot in the door and pursue a career they are passionate about,” says Rivera  who has been coaching in the league since 1997.  “As someone who took part in an NFL coaching internship to start my career, I appreciate that by getting that opportunity, I earned everything I’ve achieved from that point on.”

The 2022 Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship and the Nunn-Wooten Fellowship applications will open this March.

We at NFL Alumni encourage those of you who now are coaching on the Pop Warner, high school or college level to learn more about these highly professional programs.  After all, if YOU don’t, someone else will!