NFL Offspring Had Head Start at NFL Combine


The annual NFL Scouting Combine is in the rearview mirror and one aspect that was noticed by several scouts this year was how close the level of competition was. The incoming class of promising rookies was looking for any slight advantage that would separate them from other hopeful candidates.

One small group in Indianapolis who may have had that edge were the sons of NFL alumni. The retired players themselves had been through the Combine process not that many years ago.

Antoine Winfield, Jr, the son of former Vikings Pro Bowl cornerback Antoine Winfield, appreciated the advance information that he and several other NFL offspring were given.

“I think it’s an advantage to those of us whose father has experienced the Combine event first-hand,” says the younger Winfield who played defensive back last year at the University of Minnesota.  “They pretty much tell us everything we need to know prior to going to Indy. Having an All-Pro dad like I did, I also was getting taught football things at an early age that other kids weren’t thinking about. I was out in the backyard as a kid doing footwork and then later watching film. We were very fortunate and hopefully it will pay off on the next level.”

Winfield, Jr. is included on the partial list of “NFL sons” who worked out in Indianapolis last weekend:  That group also includes:

DB J.R. Reed (Minnesota)
WR Jake Reed (Vikings, Saints; 1991-2002)
TE Thaddeus Moss (LSU)
WR Randy Moss (Vikings, Raiders, Patriots, Titans, 49ers; 1998-2012)
WR Jalen Reagor (TCU)
DT Montae Reagor (Broncos, Colts, Eagles; 1999-2007)
T Jon Runyan, Jr (Michigan)
T Jon Runyan (Oilers, Eagles, Chargers; 1996-2009)
LB Thomas Barber (Minnesota)
RB Marion Barber (Cowboys, Bears; 2005-2011)
WR Van Jefferson (Florida)
WR Shawn Jefferson (Chargers, Patriots, Falcons, Lions; 1991-2003)
WR Collin Johnson (Texas)
S Johnnie Johnson (Rams, Seahawks; 1980-1989)
WR Michael Pittman, Jr (USC)
RB Michael Pittman (Cardinals, Buccaneers, Broncos; 1998-2008)
DB Antoine Winfield, Jr (Minnesota)
CB Antoine Winfield (Bills, Vikings; 1999-2012)

We at NFL Alumni wish only the best for all those who competed at the Combine last week and hope that they do well in their upcoming individual workouts.

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