NFL Alumnus Trevor Pryce Becoming A Netflix Comic Fav

Not too many Brooklyn (N. Y.) natives find their way onto the campus of Clemson University.

On the other hand, not too many Brooklyn natives are as athletic as NFL alumnus Trevor Pryce, who played defensive end for the Clemson Tigers before being drafted on the first round by the Broncos in 1997.

Pryce eventually played nine seasons in Denver before adding five more years with the Ravens and finishing his 14- season pro football career with the Jets in 2010.  He has two Super Bowl rings and was in the Pro Bowl four times.

Pryce now is enjoying a post-NFL career in a field as different from football as Hollywood Henderson is from Terry Bradshaw.

Pryce published his first young adults’ book in 2013.  It later was adopted into an original animated series by Netflix.

He owns OVFX, an animation studio in Baltimore, and  has a dozen full time, comic book animators working with him.

“A lot of young artists want to be animators and work for Disney,” Pryce explains.   “The first thing I tell them is learn how to tell a story.”

That’s exactly what he did.  Pryce turned his comic book series about warrior frogs fighting arachnid invaders into two Netflix shows.

Trevor Pryce faced Lions, Bears and Panthers during his football days but never had to worry about warrior frogs. 

We at NFL Alumni wish this 43-year old entrepreneurial artist much success during his exciting post-NFL career.

(For more on Trevor Pryce’s current profession, click here.)

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