NFL Alumnus Tony Boselli Moves From the Trenches To Children’s Healthcare

Tony B

If there is one subject that interests all of us in our NFL Alumni family, it’s healthcare and medical costs.

Jaguars former Pro Bowl tackle Tony Boselli is particularly interested in the healthcare of school children around the country.

Boselli founded a company five years ago called Healthy Schools that administered physicals, immunizations and flu shots to kids in his adopted state of Florida and throughout Texas. In early 2017, he sold Healthy Schools to a company named CareDox where he is now president and partner. 

CareDox’s goal is to upgrade children’s health with technology that connects families, schools and healthcare providers. (See attached link for further info.)

“We want to make sure that every child has access to good healthcare and has an equal opportunity to get what they need,” says the 1998 NFL Alumni Offensive Lineman of the Year. “There are programs that we’ll continue to look at and launch to provide a comprehensive, pediatric healthcare platform to partner with schools.”

Boselli has kept busy in business and broadcasting since his retirement in 2001. However, his primary focus in the last decade is to make certain his own family and schoolchildren everywhere receive the healthcare they need and deserve.

We at NFL Alumni thank Tony Boselli for the  leadership he has shown in this vital area.

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