NFL Alumnus Steve Spurrier Wins Another ‘Title’ But Loses His League

Steve Spurrier AAF

His new spring football league went out of business right under his feet, but Steve Spurrier is not yet ready to slip into coaching retirement.

Spurrier, who turns 74 this month, had been the head coach of the Orlando (Fl) Apollos in the fledgling Alliance of American Football (AAF) but that ended abruptly last week when the league’s majority owner decided he had lost enough money.

Not surprisingly, his Apollos had the best record in the eight-team league when operations were suspended. That footnote did not go unnoticed by The Head Ball Coach.

“Heck, we’re certainly going to declare ourselves the regular season champions,” Spurrier said. ‘We were 7-1 and the next teams were 5-3.”

Would you be interested in taking over another team, Coach? For example, a second spring football league is scheduled to start in 2020 when the XFL returns with WWE’s Vince McMahon as chairman/financial backer & NFL alumnus Oliver Luck as Commissioner.

“I’ll worry about that (an XFL job) if it happens,” he explains. “You never say you’re going to coach again unless you get an offer. You have to have an offer before you do anything.  I don’t know what I am going to do.”

You younger NFLA members may know Spurrier only as a colorful collegiate, USFL and Redskins coach but he also was a heckuva player. He won the Heisman Trophy in 1966 as a University of Florida quarterback. Spurrier was the 49ers first-round pick in the ’67 Draft and enjoyed a 10-year career (1967-76) as quarterback-punter with the 49ers and the first-year expansion Tampa Bay Bucs.

Spurrier was not the only NFL alumnus whose life was affected by the demise of the AAF earlier this month. Two former NFL players were team general managers, three other teams had head coaches who were retired NFL players and there were two dozen AAF assistant coaches who had played NFL ball. We at NFL Alumni hope that these men find jobs either in the XFL, NFL or on the college level.  As far as Steve Spurrier, he will still be drawing plays at the breakfast table waiting for the phone to ring. What do YOU think are the chances of that?

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