NFL Alumnus Quinn Early Supports Alzheimer’s Research Through Mom’s Book Sales

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Quinn Early had a 12-year career (1988-99) as a receiver with four NFL teams before retiring after the 1999 season.

He had grown up on Long Island and his mother, Dr. Ann Early, was a stage playwright and director in New York. He knew as a youngster that he wanted a career in performing arts but his athletic talent took him to the University of Iowa and, eventually, the NFL. 

After she raised her eight children, Dr. Early researched and wrote a book about a pre-Civil War indentured slave named Bryant Acres who later became a plantation owner himself. Unfortunately, Dr. Early was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and the book was not released in her lifetime.

Quinn promised his mother that he would have the book published which occurred this fall. The proceeds from book sales go to Alzheimer’s research.

“After Mom was diagnosed with the disease 10 years ago,” Early recalls, “we were able to spend a lot of quality time together. It was hard watching her go downhill but I still cherish the time I got to spend and talk with her. I was the youngest of her children, so we had a special bond.”

Quinn Early, 53 years old, also realized his dream of performing in Hollywood several years ago.  He now is a movie stunt-double for actors, including Academy Award nominee Will Smith.

We at NFL Alumni salute Quinn Early for keeping the promise to his Mom and for donating the proceeds of her book to combat this dreaded disease. If you want to join one of your brothers in this fight against Alzheimer’s, go to for more information.

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