NFL Alumnus Lamarr Woodley Provides New Definition To “Giving Back”

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NFL alumnus Lamarr Woodley was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan.

 Earlier this month, Woodley educated many of us to a new meaning for “Giving Back To The Community”.

 While Woodley always was very generous to his hometown during his nine-year NFL career, his latest contribution will benefit youngsters and their families for many years.

 Woodley financed the establishment of the Woodley Leadership Academy in Saginaw.  The new charter school opened its doors to 200 kindergarten thru sixth grade students and eight teachers on September 4.  The school’s leaders will focus on discipline in the belief that through discipline comes success.

 “We are a family,” says Woodley who was a second-round pick by the Steelers in 2007.  “We all have  to work together to make sure the kids are successful.”

Thank you, Lamarr Woodley, for helping to focus a bright light on the positive role of NFL alumni in their local communities. (See this link for more background on the establishment of the Woodley Leadership Academy.) 

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