NFL Alumnus Jed Collins Talks Financial Sense To Young Players

NFL alumnus Jed Collins had ample time in various team hotels and airports to think about his post-NFL career.

The 33-year old fullback signed contracts over the years with 9 different NFL teams after his Washington State playing days ended in 2007. He finally said “No mas” after the Cowboys released him in May 2015.  The highlight of his NFL career was a three-year stint (2011-13) with the Saints when he scored seven TDs.

He had graduated with an accounting degree from Washington State and studied each off-season to become a certified financial planner.

Collins now is Director of Financial Education for Brighton Jones, a wealth management firm in Seattle, and his potential clients have included Seahawks rookies and other young players whom he spoke to in minicamp this past spring.

“I try to be an entertaining educator,” he explains.  “When you speak over someone’s head in the locker room, they immediately tune out.  I am passionate about helping people and I’m a good storyteller.  When you’ve had the pressure of being in the Superdome in front of 70,000 or 80,000 fans, it’s not as intimidating to be in a room with 30 or 40 people there asking you questions about a 401(k).”

We at NFL Alumni wish Jed Collins success in his new career and we hope that many of his clients, especially young NFL players, listen to his financial advice.  He has credibility with athletes that not many financial planners have.

(For more on Jed Collins and his post-NFL career, click here.)

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