NFL Alumnus Daryn Colledge: Unique or Just Special?

It is safe to assume NFL alumnus Daryn Colledge did not wear his Super Bowl XLV ring when he recently deployed to Afghanistan as a member of the Idaho National Guard.

Colledge, who won his NFL Championship ring as a starting offensive lineman for the Packers at the end of the 2010 season, also played for the Cardinals and Dolphins during his nine-year NFL career (2006-14).

He subsequently enlisted in the Army National Guard in 2016.

“Joining the Guard was a two-part choice,” says Spc. Colledge. “First I wanted to remain in Boise, Idaho and second, as a private pilot in my civilian life, I wanted to continue to fly in my Army career.”

Colledge originally considered joining the Army out of high school but he instead accepted a football scholarship to play at Boise State.

Speaking of Colledge’s high school, not too many NFL alumni are Alaskan natives such as he is and even fewer (any?) graduated from North Pole High School there.

Colledge explains why he ultimately decided to become a Black Hawk crew chief rather than a military pilot.

“The crew chief role is so interesting,” he says. “Crew chiefs have the chance to wear so many hats: mechanic, door gunner, assistant to the medics, conduct hoist and sling load operations. The constant changes are a great challenge and keeps you working and honing your skills.”

Unique or just special? You decide for yourself what best describes this 37-year old  American patriot.

We at NFL Alumni simply are proud to call him one of our own. (Click here for more on our colleague.) Stay safe, Daryn!

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