NFL Alumni Partners with Virtuity Financial Partners

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NFL Alumni (NFLA) announced today that it has partnered with Virtuity Financial Partners using Pro Football Legends, the commercial marketing arm of NFL Alumni.


The partnership provides NFLA members access to entrepreneurial and business development opportunities; financial education; complimentary, no-obligation financial strategies; cash flow analysis; debt management, consolidation and mitigation strategies; wealth management; insurance strategies; estate preservation concepts; tax efficiency strategies; 401(k), IRA, Roth IRA and defined benefit plans for individuals and businesses; succession planning; college savings plans; and numerous other personal and business related strategies and facilities.


“We are pleased to have Virtuity Financial Partners join our Alumni team,” says Elvis Gooden, CEO of NFL Alumni. “Virtuity aligns with our mission of ‘Caring for our Own’ since a corporate  relationship such as this will provide business mentoring and opportunities for our members, their families and their businesses.”


Virtuity is a financial services marketing company that provides access to hundreds of companies and thousands of products to customize the appropriate solutions for each of its clients. Members will also have the option to work with Virtuity associates to get mentorship and hands-on training while building their own financial services business either on a part-time or long-term career basis for those wanting to become business owners and entrepreneurs.


Hanna Horenstein, Executive Vice Chairman of Virtuity Financial Partners, along with NFL Alumni and Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk, commented  “We are honored by the opportunity to work with the NFL Alumni and to become a trusted partner that their members and families can look to for financial guidance regardless of their current economic situation.”


Kevin Harrington, known as the original Shark from Shark Tank, is also working with Virtuity to bring this opportunity to former players that may be looking for business options after their professional sport careers.


NFL Alumni is the oldest, most well-known and well-respected retired player organization in professional sports. Membership includes thousands of retired players, coaches, front office executives, spouses, cheerleaders, and avid fans.


A primary mission of NFL Alumni is to inform, assist, and serve players in their post-NFL lives.  Alumni are offered a diverse package of medical, business, and legal services to help keep them and their families healthy, productive, and connected to the league and their former teammates.


The NFL Alumni also has a traditional mission of “Caring for Kids” across the country. Player alumni give back in their local communities by raising funds for youth-related charities through their 35 regional chapters. It is a tradition that has existed for more than 50 years and continues to raise millions of dollars in support of these local causes.




About Virtuity Financial Partners

Virtuity Financial Partners is a financial services marketing company that is associated with World Financial Group, Inc. (WFG), whose affiliates offer a broad array of financial products and services. Insurance products are offered through World Financial Group Insurance Agency, Inc., World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Hawaii, Inc., World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Massachusetts, Inc., World Financial Insurance Agency, Inc. and/or WFG Insurance Agency of Puerto Rico, Inc.- collectively known as WFGIA.  Securities and Investment Advisory Services are offered through Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc. (TFA), Member FINRA, SIPC and Registered Investment Advisor. Only WFG associates who are Registered Representatives and/or Investment Advisor Representatives of Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc. can offer investment products and/or investment advisory services. WFG, WFGIA and TFA are affiliated companies. WFG and WFGIA Headquarters: 11315 Johns Creek Parkway, Johns Creek, GA 30097-1517. Phone: 770.453.9300.  TFA Headquarters: 570 Carillon Parkway, St. Petersburg, FL 33716. Phone: 770.248.3271.  TFA2032876-0218


Virtuity Financial Partners is not affiliated with Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc. Virtuity Headquarters:  31111 Agoura Road Ste. 235, Westlake Village, CA 91361. Phone: 818.879.9514.


About NFL Alumni

NFL Alumni is comprised of former NFL players, coaches, staffers, cheerleaders, spouses, and avid fans members whose mission is to serve, assist and inform former players and their families. The Alumni offers a variety of medical, financial, and social programs to help members lead healthy, productive and connected lives, as well as community initiatives under its “Caring for Kids” programs. Pro Football Legends is the commercial marketing arm of the NFL Alumni. For more information, please visit

Virtuity Financial Partners is a paid sponsor of NFL Alumni

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