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The NFL Alumni is pleased to announce that TriCore is the preferred payroll provider of the NFL Alumni. TriCore will provide payroll services to any eligible members at reduced rates.


“We are honored and thrilled to be selected by the NFL Alumni as its preferred provider for payroll and related human capital management services,” said David Fried, President & CEO of TriCore. “We are very much looking forward to meeting and working with the Associations members, both as a sponsor of the Hackensack Celebrity Golf Challenge, and as a provider of payroll services to those alumni who have a need for them.”


The NFL Alumni Association is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year and continues to assist and inform retired players and coaches in their post-NFL lives. The Association offers medical, financial and social programs to keep members and their families healthy, productive and connected.


“We are excited to have a more personal and customized approach to payroll services for the NFL Alumni,” said Elvis Gooden, Interim President and CEO of the NFL Alumni Association. “We also look forward to using TriCore for assistance with HR issues that arise and feel this partnership will be beneficial for our members who are in need of payroll and HR services as well.”



About TriCore

Established in 2001 as AdminaSource, the company later adopted the trade name TriCore to better reflect the trio of core services (Payroll, Benefits and HR Management) we provide to our clients.  Operating as a regional provider for medium-size businesses and non-profit organizations, TriCore has grown rapidly, expanding from its headquarters in Robbinsville, New Jersey, to offices in Florida, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas.  TriCore now serves over 350 enterprises totaling more than fifteen thousand employees. For more information, please visit


About the NFL Alumni Association

The NFL Alumni Association is a nationwide group of former NFL players, coaches, staffers, cheerleaders, spouses, and associate members whose mission is to serve, assist, and inform former players and their families. The Association offers a variety of medical, financial, and social programs to help members lead healthy, productive, and connected lives, as well as community initiatives under its “Caring for Kids” programs. Pro Football Legends is the commercial marketing name and logo of the NFL Alumni.

For more information, please visit


Contact: Bill Potter, Director of Human Resources


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