NFL Alumni, Hall of Fame Wives & Brightview Medical Are A Winning Team

NFL Alumni and Brightview Medical executives were pleased to have an informational meeting with the wives of several Pro Football Hall of Fame immortals earlier this month during Enshrinement Weekend in Canton.
Beverly Lofton (wife of James Lofton), Jacci Barney (wife of Lem Barney), Liz Renfro (wife of Mel Renfro), Gustie Houston (wife of Ken Houston), Patty Stenerud (wife of Jan Stenerud), Susan Casper (wife of Dave Casper) and Collette Culp (wife of Curley Culp) were among the spouses who attended the session at the Player Care Foundation’s Healthy Body and Mind Screenings in Canton.
NFL Alumni CEO Elvis Gooden and President Bart Oates as well as Brightview Medical Research Director Dr. Hazel Lee addressed the women.
“Hall of Fame players and their wives are automatic lifetime members of NFL Alumni,” said Gooden. “We must continue to apprise them of the health and other benefits that we offer all player-members and their families.”
Oates is a 3-time Super Bowl champion who played with hundreds of teammates during his 11-year NFL career.
“Players often times don’t want to discuss their medical problems,” added Oates, “but their wives help us identify the issues and help us seek solutions. We know where the ‘real power’ is and we thank the women for their time and participation in meetings such as we had in Canton. Our Alumni organization is dedicated to the improvement of all retired players. Whether they are Hall of Famers, played just a couple of seasons or even if they were in atraining camp for a couple of weeks, many players have significant health issues later in life.”
Brightview Medical is an NFL Alumni partner and performed more than 50 MRIs on over two dozen individuals during Enshrinement Weekend. Brightview’s ability to administer scans and pinpoint precise sources of pain via its mobile unit provides NFL alumni and their families with life-changing solutions to  medical issues.
“We now have several locations around the country,” says Dr. Lee. “It was Elvis Gooden’s idea to do even better and go where the retired players live and gather for meetings. We created our Brightview Mobile Unit and there’s nothing else like it in the world.”
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