The Holiday Season is a time for giving and many of you NFL alumni often give your time and financial support for those less fortunate in the community.

One of our brothers who is at—or near—the top of the Giving List is Warrick Dunn.

The Louisiana native now is 47 years old. Many of us remember the 5’9, 185-pound Dunn wearing a Bucs or Falcons uniform and running around –and occasionally through–defenders weighing 100 pounds more than he did.

Somehow, he survived a dozen years in the league and there are a couple of hundred families who will forever be grateful that he did.

Warrick Dunn Charities has provided homes and/or home furnishings for 200-plus families over a 25-year period.

His personal story is familiar to most of us. His mom, a single parent and a Baton Rouge police corporal, was killed while working a second job as off-duty security in 1993. Dunn, the oldest of her six children, had just turned 18. His grandmother moved into Warrick’s home to help raise him and his siblings. Fortunately, the Baton Rouge community also rallied around them.

“The families in our town started a fund for us,” Dunn recalls, “and that’s how we were able to pay our bills and just survive over the years. They really taught me what it means to care about your neighbors.”

While a Bucs rookie in 1997, his new charity launched its “Home for the Holidays” program, helping three single-parent families in Tampa with the home buying process.

“During those first years of helping these women,” Dunn says, “I really had no idea what that impact would be. I was just doing the programs because I thought this is something my mom wanted. Now, years later, I really understand the impact of having close-knit communities and creating stability for not just the parents but the kids. That’s the most important thing.”

We at NFL Alumni are proud of all you members who work hard to make your communities a better place. Warrick Dunn is one terrific example of that but there are many in our ranks who perform community service every day of the year.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!