Many of us who played in the league later became football “lifers.”

We started as players and then decided to work as coaches or administrators  for a living on the high school, college or NFL level.

Scott Studwell not only was a football lifer; he was a Minnesota Vikings football lifer!

Studwell was selected by the Vikings in the ninth round of the 1977 NFL Draft out of the University of Illinois. During his 14-year playing career in Minnesota, the linebacker became team co-captain, two-time Pro Bowler, and member of the team’s Ring of Honor.

After retiring as a player in 1991, Studwell moved into the Vikings front office and a decade later became the team’s Director of College Scouting. In that role, he scouted nearly every Vikings player for three decades before retiring from the organization in 2019.

Not one to sit idle, Studwell worked with a friend to write a book about his football life. Earlier this fall, Studwell’s memoir “Viking for Life: A Four Decade Football Love Affair” was published.

“The book reflects on my long time with the Vikings organization and all the friendships that I had,” says the 67-year old Indiana native.  “It  was fun to reflect back on those relationships. It was never going to be a kiss-and-tell book so it was easy to jump in with both feet and just let it flow.”

Studwell is one of five Vikings to play in more than 200 regular season games and he holds several team records as an outstanding tackler.

“When you’re fortunate enough to spend 43 years in the NFL,” says Studwell, “and, more importantly, 43 years with the Vikings, the ‘love’ affair’ in the book title rings true.  It was always a labor of love from the minute I stepped on the practice field in my first training came until I said goodbye after my last NFL Draft in the scouting department. The organization has been part of my life through five different decades and it always will be until the day I die.”

Very few of us left our NFL organization on our own terms so it is refreshing to read about the positive attitude and lasting career that he  had in Minnesota.

We at NFL Alumni wish Scott Studwell good health as he continues to enjoy his post-NFL retirement with his wife Jenny and their family.  Skoal!