Reggie Brown’s career in the league did not last as long as he planned but the Houston Oilers alum is flourishing in his current position.

Reggie Brown—that’s DOCTOR Reggie Brown—is principal at the Dulles Middle School in Sugar Land (TX), a suburb of Houston. After his two-year NFL career ended in 1994, Brown decided to return to school to obtain a Master’s degree and a Ph.D. from Liberty University.

“For me it just always been about the things people say you can’t do,” says the 52-year old Miami native. “I believe if you work hard there are no barriers to what you can achieve or what you can accomplish. It’s a message I try to instill in our students.”

Dr. Brown is in his second year as Principal at the school. He is the first African-American to serve in that role. Previously, he served as a Special Education teacher, associate Principal and a college football coach. His experience has helped him value teamwork and shared collaboration among all stakeholders.

Dr. Brown believes his greatest victory is when he sees his students using the skills he has taught them.

“That’s my championship,” says Brown whose NFL career was cut short by injuries. “To see the kids whom I have taught doing well is very rewarding.”

Brown is a graduate of Alabama State University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree. He currently serves as a Director on his alma mater’s Trust for Educational Excellence. He also will be inducted this weekend into the school’s Sports Hall of Fame.

Dr. Reggie Brown is married to Dr. Tammy Brown and they are the proud parents of six daughters.

We at NFL Alumni salute Reggie Brown and his family for the impact they are having on the young students in suburban Houston. Those “championships” with his students in the long run are much more important than wins on the football field.