NFL Alum Anquan Boldin Again There For His Florida Neighbors

Anquan Boldin earned several major honors in his 14- year NFL career, including a Super Bowl ring and a Walter Payton NFL Man of Year Award for his community service.
Although he officially retired as a Raven in 2019, Boldin continues to be very involved in the community, especially in his hometown of Pahokee, Florida.
The dark shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic sent Boldin into action earlier this year to help his former Florida neighbors.
“I was really concerned, “ Boldin explained to  “Down here in Florida, the Governor was distributing the vaccine through the Publix grocery store chain.  Where I’m from in Pahokee, the nearest Publix is 30 miles away.   You have people in our community that don’t have transportation or internet access to make an appointment.  There were a lot of things preventing people in these areas from getting vaccinations.”
Boldin’s football contacts paid off for hundreds of folks in the rural areas of Palm Beach County.
“I have a former teammate from Florida State, John Davis, who is Secretary of the Florida Lottery,” Boldin says.  “We’re from the same hometown.  I connected with him and we jumped on a call with the Governor’s office.  Within a week, we had a vaccine site set up.”
That site appropriately enough was at the  Anquan Boldin Football Stadium which is in a Pahokee athletic complex named after its native son. 
Boldin’s NFL career (2003-16) included productive years spent with the Cardinals, Ravens, 49ers, and Lions.  Now that he is a 40-year old NFL alumnus, Bolden wants to work alongside other athletes and continue to make a difference where he can.
“I know people personally who died from COVID…family members, close friends, and friends of the family,” Boldin adds.  “I know others who didn’t die but who still are dealing with the symptoms.  For me to see people getting the vaccine and  getting some protection against the virus, it means a lot.”
We at NFL Alumni also believe it means a lot to have Anquan Boldin as a member of our retired player family.  We salute him and offer our assistance to help him in his community work around the country, including in his beloved Sunshine State.

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