Many NFL Alumni Are Bridge Builders But Former Packer Syd Kitson Is A Town Builder As Well

Offensive linemen usually are considered the most intelligent players on the football field. If you don’t believe it, just ask them. However, former Packers guard Syd Kitson (1980-84) has pushed the envelope one step further now that he and his Kitson & Partners real estate company have begun building a new city from the ground up in southwest Florida near Ft. Myers.
Babcock Ranch is an eco-friendly town of the future and the largest development of its type in the country. A primary feature of the Ranch is an adjacent 440-acre solar farm, which provides enough energy to offset the energy needs of approximately 20,00 homes. Click here for more info on this innovative project.

In his spare time, the 58-year old Kitson is serving this year as the Chairman of the Florida Chamber of Commerce as well as serving on the Board of Governors for the Florida University System.

Syd Kitson…just one more post-NFL success story that goes largely unnoticed by the media while the occasional negative tale about a former player captures the headline.

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