Malcolm Mitchell was “One-And-Done” In NFL But Not in Fight Against Illiteracy

Not every NFL player has the opportunity to star in a Super Bowl but, then again, not every NFL player’s career ends after just one season.

NFL alumnus and former Patriots receiver Malcolm Mitchell falls into both categories.

Mitchell, a Georgia native, was a fourth-round draft pick by New England in 2016 after an exceptional senior year at the University of Georgia.

He struggled as a rookie during the regular season trying hard to learn the Patriots’ complex playbook. However, by the time he and his teammates prepared for Super Bowl LI against his home-state Falcons,  the team’s confidence in Mitchell had greatly increased.  In the Patriots’ historic comeback from a 28-3 deficit, Mitchell caught five passes for 63 yards in the second half and was one of the heroes in the Patriots 34-28  overtime victory.

Unfortunately, Mitchell reinjured his already-damaged knee in a freak collision during a preseason game the following year and never played another NFL regular-season game.   

““I think God had a plan for my life that I would not have realized if I continued to play football,”

the 26-year old Mitchell said recently. 

“Nothing was promised to me when I started to play football. It was just a game.  I received an education. I made a decent amount of money. I was part of the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. If I got all of that out of just one year, I’m fine with it.”

Mitchell has a remarkable attitude for a young man but it’s probably because he IS a remarkable young man.  He has written two picture books for kids and operates several literacy programs both at schools and through virtual programs. His latest project is “ReadCamp 2020” which praises students who read 8 books as “Champions” and, if they master 12 books,  they are crowned “MVPs”.  He knows all the statistics about child illiteracy in low-income families and is determined to help make a difference.

“To transform the lives of children through literacy,” he says.  “That’s my mission.  That’s what fuels me today.  I want to give all kids the chance to be literate and put themselves in a position to succeed.”

Malcolm Mitchell was not in the NFL long enough to be vested in the league’s pension but, right now, he is vested in something even more important. You can learn more at

We at NFL Alumni have our own “Caring for Kids” mission.  We will assist the young hard-working Mitchell any way we can to help stamp out child illiteracy.

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