Hundreds of Alumni Beneficiaries Will Receive Increased Pension Checks

More than 525 alumni beneficiaries will begin receiving increased pensions starting today (July 1) under terms of the new CBA which was announced earlier this year.

The group of beneficiaries overwhelmingly consists of the widows of former players.  The alumni previously had elected how their pension would be paid out upon their death.  Earlier this week, the same beneficiaries received a one-time payment retroactive to April 1, 2020. These retroactive increases also were mandated under the new CBA.

Finally, pension election forms will be mailed shortly to the 700 pre-93 alumni with only three credited seasons who now are vested for the first time under the new CBA.  When the election form is returned to the Player Benefits Office, monthly pension payments will begin shortly afterward to these pre-93 players.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, you should contact the Player Benefits Office (800-638-3186)

We wish all our Alumni members and their families a safe and healthy July 4th Weekend.

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