Four NFL Alumni Have Olympic Gold In Mind

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These four retired NFL players earned nine Pro Bowl nominations among them, but they now have international games in mind.

DE Jared Allen, LB Keith Bullock, T Michael Roos and QB Marc Bulger played on different NFL teams but they have joined together to compete in an international sport that is not well-known among professional (or, for that matter, amateur) athletes. However, the sport is widely televised every four years at the Winter Olympics and these four NFL alumni have a common goal of participating as a team in front of a worldwide audience in Beijing in February 2022.

The sport is curling…that’s right, the NFL quartet aspires to compete as a team in Olympic curling.

Our men only formed a curling team last year, but they already have a name (the “All Pro Curling Team”) and have competed in national tournaments.

“The entire curling community– every team we have played—has been very, very welcoming,” say five- time Pro Bowler Jared Allen. “We are serious and meet in Minnesota a few times a month to practice together. We all trust that each of us has put in his individual work before we get there. We as a team don’t have expectations; we have a goal.”

There are many tournaments between now and the Olympic trials. But, as Allen says ”Everybody tells us we are going to fail anyway so why not go out and shock people.”

We at NFL Alumni would not be shocked if the All Pro Curling Team achieved its goal. As they say in the curling community, we wish the four alumni only “guards” and “counters” between now and 2022. (For more info on their journey, click here.)

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