Former QB Todd Blackledge Again Proves To Be A Leader

Todd Blackledge

Many of us are experiencing problems and difficulties in one form or another connected to this coronavirus outbreak.

Former Chiefs and Steelers quarterback Todd Blackledge (1983-89) is one of several  NFL alumni who is working to ease the challenges of those less fortunate in the community.

Blackledge, who now is an outstanding ESPN college football announcer, received a text last week from a television co-worker. The colleague wrote that he planned to help his neighbors in need and asked a small group, including Blackledge, to promote the idea on social media as a way to inspire others.

Blackledge took the suggestion one step further. After going on Twitter to detail the friend’s action, he himself began receiving requests for assistance.

“The first person to contact me on social media was from Arizona and needed some diapers,” Blackledge recalls.  “I was able to ship her some through Amazon. I was pleased to help but then I thought it be best to first  target my neighbors here in Ohio.”

The 59-year old Canton native has received more than a dozen requests of one type or another and has been able to fulfill about half of them.

“This is a scary situation for many folks,” Blackledge says. “There are a lot of unknowns.  I’ve always been very involved in church and very faithful with tithes but this is one of those times where you can see it and feel it.  This isn’t just giving to an organization. It helps real people.”

We at NFL Alumni congratulate Todd Blackledge—and ALL  of you—who are caring for your neighbors.  If you know a former teammate who is doing extraordinary acts of kindness in these troubled times, let us know about them.

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