Eagles Alumnus Brian Westbrook Still Making Impact in Philly

AV Brian Westbrook 01

Former NFL running back Brian Westbrook has a good deal in common with many of you. He knows what it is to face– and then overcome– obstacles.

Westbrook was a consensus All-America running back at Villanova University, but NFL clubs hesitated to draft him when he was graduating. He was small (5-8, 200 pounds); injury-prone (missed a college season with a knee); and did not run against major college defenses.

However, Villanova is just a few miles from the Eagles offices and then-Coach Andy Reid selected Westbrook in the third round of the 2002 Draft.

Westbrook’s eight- year Eagles career eventually earned him a spot in the team’s Hall of Fame, two Pro Bowl selections and one Super Bowl appearance. 

Although he is a Maryland native, Westbrook has stayed in Philadelphia and become an investor there in the Athlete Venture Group at SeventySix Capital.

“In any investment space,” Westbrook says, “there’s certainly risk. When u invest in startup companies in particular, there’s certainly risk, but the more risk the more reward. I would tell any player interested in investing in venture capital to start slow, be patient, try to understand the company, and don’t throw a monetary figure out there that you’re not comfortable losing.”

Westbrook enjoys being around the sports tech community which is immersed in issues ranging from improving instant replay, to team analytics, to important advancements in the health and safety of athletes.

Westbrook is looking to overcome obstacles in his current career and make a similar impact in these areas as he did when he was on the field. (For more on this young NFL alumnus & investor-entrepreneur, click here.)

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