Alan Haller Takes Unusual Path to Michigan State Post

Alan Haller

NFL alumnus Alan Haller was not the first youngster to grow up in Lansing, Michigan dreaming he wanted to play for the nearby Michigan State Spartans. Check that box.

He also probably wasn’t the first young man in the Michigan State locker-room who thought he was good enough to play defense in the NFL. Check THAT box as well.

Haller starred as a cornerback for Michigan State from 1988-91 before being drafted by the Steelers on the fifth round in the 1992 Draft. He played for the Steelers, Browns and Panthers before ending his pro career in 1995.

The story takes a somewhat unorthodox turn at that point because Haller returned after football to Michigan State to become a campus police officer. He eventually rose to First Lieutenant in charge of all uniform campus police.

Haller ended his 13-year police career in 2010 when he was named MSU’s Associate Athletics Director for Administration.  His current position is Chief of Staff and Senior Associate Athletic Director for the 800 student-athletes who wear the green and white MSU colors.

“Our goal as campus police officers was to make sure the campus environment was welcoming and safe,” Haller explains. “We did everything we could to improve the experience for students, faculty, staff and visitors to the university.  That’s very similar to what we are doing now in athletics. We’re about improving the student-athlete experience and making sure our alumni and fans have an engaging experience at our events.”

Haller, who has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s in Human Resources, sounds like he is well-qualified for his job.

We congratulate him and wish him and his Spartans only the best…even when they play Michigan and Ohio State!

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